On this page we list some publication highlights, reflecting joint UiT/NTNU work. For a complete list of publications, please check the members’ webpages or individual research profiles in CRIStin (Current Research Information System in Norway).

Publication highlights 2016

Anne Dahl & Björn Lundquist (eds), In progress. Special issue of Journal of Comparative Germanic Linguistics on Acquisition, Variation & Attrition.

Lohndal, Terje & Marit Westergard. 2016. Grammatical Gender in American Norwegian Heritage Language: Stability or Attrition? Frontiers in Psychology 7:344. NB! Open access here.

Westergaard, Marit, Øystein A. Vangsnes & Terje Lohndal. Forthcoming/2017. Variation and change in Norwegian wh-questions: The role of the complementizer som. Linguistic Variation.

Lohndal, Terje, Jason Rothman, Tanja Kupisch & Marit Westergaard. Accepted. Heritage Language Acquisition and Attrition: What it Reveals and Why it is Important for Formal Linguistic Theories. Language and Linguistics Compass.

Busterud, Guro, Terje Lohndal, Yulia Rodina & Marit Westergaard. Submitted. The loss of feminine gender in Norwegian: A dialect comparison.