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Salary and working conditions

Akademikerne believes that salary should be used actively as an instrument in personnel policy. Salary progression for both groups and individuals should be linked more strongly to knowledge, expertise and commitment, as well as to professional and administrative responsibility. Pay conditions should be used actively to channel society`s knowledge resources where they can be applied best. Akademikerne assumes that the principle of free negotiations will be followed.

The federation supports pay negotiations as near as possible to the workplace, to take greater account of the competition for skills in the job market.

Improving salary and working conditions for professionals with a higher education

The Federation of Norwegian Professional Associations (Akademikerne) is the primary Norwegian organization dedicated to improving salary and working conditions for professionals with a higher education. We regard knowledge and expertise as vital to society, and strive to ensure that there is an adequate supply of qualified professionals. We are a confederation of professional organizations with members who are highly trained and highly qualified. They include lawyers, engineers, psychologists, researchers, doctors, veterinary surgeons, clergy, social scientists, architects, business school graduates, economists, dentists, agronomists and officers in the armed forces.

Which organization do you belong to?

Below is a list of Akademikerne’s member organizations. Take a look and find out which fits your educational background.

Arkitektenes fagforbund (Norwegian Union of Salaried Architects)
Den norske legeforening (The Norwegian Medical Association – NMA)
Den norske tannlegeforening (The Norwegian Dental Association-NDA)
Den norske veterinærforening ( The Norwegian Veterinary Association)
Krigsskoleutdannede offiserers landsforening (Association of War Academy Trained Officers-AWATO)
Naturviterne (Norwegian Association of Natural Scientists)
Norges Juristforbund (The Norwegian Association of Lawyers)
Norsk Lektorlag (Norwegian Association of Graduate Teachers
Norsk Psykologforening (The Norwegian Psychological Association-NPF)
Samfunnsviterne (The Association of Social Scientists)
Samfunnsøkonomene (Norwegian Association of Economists
Tekna (The Norwegian Society of Graduate Technical and Scientific )

We also have a co-operation with NITO and Farmaceutene

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