“At the Edge” Publication

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In cooperation with the project Carbon Bridge (http://site.uit.no/carbonbridge/) Arctic SIZE has produced the semi-popular book: At the Edge. Edited by Paul, the book has 340 pages, is richly illustrated, and contains 27 chapters. At the edge is the first book where the knowledge on northern Svalbard and the European rim of the central Arctic Ocean is summarized.  Melting ice and an ecosystem in rapid change threaten the future of the entire Arctic region. In this book, the major issues and challenges we face in the north are discussed from the perspective of history, the social sciences, geology and marine biology.

Northern Svalbard has a significant role in the Norwegian sector of the Arctic Ocean. The book attempts to present the scant knowledge that has so far been accumulated. As the waters and coastal zones of northern Svalbard, which have been ice-covered for so many years, become entangled in Norwegian and international economies (shipping, transport, oil, gas and tourism), the first step in expanding our knowledge must be an evaluation of the sustainability of this region.