Feedback from parents who have visited the BabyLab

Pleasant. Good communication with the child.

Friendly experimenter who took good care of both child and mother.

We were taken good care of the whole time.

A cozy hour at the BabyLab.

Come to the BabyLab, it’s fun for both big and small.

Exciting and enjoyable experience for both father and child. Recommend others to contribute to this kind of research.

We were welcomed well, and both us parents and our son had a pleasant and fun experience.

We recommend other parents and babies to participate, we were very happy after our visit at BabyLab. We had a very nice time!

Child-friendly. Solveig was forthcoming and very much helpful in finding a time that fitted us. Thank you for having us! 🙂

A cozy visit in the lab, and fun to see the interaction between child, experimenter and toys.

Very enjoyable to visit the lab. Fine toys for the little ones to play with. We felt that we were taken good care of and got good information all the time we was here. I recommend all to participate in the study.

We had fun the whole time at the BabyLab: playing before, during and after the experiment.

Good atmosphere for small children. Interesting toys and a calm, but committed research assistant.

Neat execution of the study. The child was taken good care of. An interesting test that we hope gives you the information you need about our children’s imitation skills 🙂

Incredibly exciting to see how the child plays with the toys, and how much (s)he can do or has knowledge about.

Very informative and pleasant visit at the BabyLab. Pleasant and calm playtime for a 1.5-year-old.

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