The National graduate school in biocatalysis– BioCat, is granted by The Norwegian Research Council for the period 2016 – 2024, and established to provide expertise and tools for research and research education within biocatalysis in Norway.

The school is open to all PhD-students and their research groups within the field. Biocatalysis is important in many areas including  biomedicine, biotechnology,  microbiology, and (bio)nanoscience. Additionally, biocatalysis is becomming increasingly important industrial processes and in various diagnostics-, gene- and biotechnologies, and is expected to be important in the transition of the society to a bio-based economy.

The aim of initiating graduate schools in Norway is to unite small scientific communities and increase collaboration between research groups, create student platforms for technical and
 academic exchange and training, and thereby improve the quality and the skills of the PhD students. BioCat will in particular emphesise aiding career development of early stage researchers, both PhD and Post Doc fellows, in the field.

Six Norwegian universities (right menu), 4 research institutes and the Industrial Biotechnology Network Norway, constitute the BioCat consortium. This collaboration represents a unification of many strong research groups, giving the students great access to both the expertise, facilities and training offered by the Norwegian biocatalysis research community.

More than 100 students from 40-50 research groups at 6 universities are expected to join in the graduate school.