MOL910 BIOSTRUCT – Biomolecular Modelling

Time of course: 9. – 13. March 2015 (Bergen, Computational Biology Unit) + 13. – 17. April 2015 (Tromsø, Computerlab in the Pharmacy building)

Place: Høyteknologisenteret, UiB and  University campus, Tromsø

Register for the course toKnut Olav Daasvatn (, Phone: 55 58 45 03)

Deadline for registration: 15. February 2015

Course responsibleBjørn Olav Brandsdal, UiT and Nathalie Reuter, UiB

ECTS: 10 stp

Teaching: lectures (30 hours) and hands-on exercises (30 hours). The course will be taught over two weeks, the first one in Bergen (9-13/03) and the second one in Tromsø (13-17/04). The program of each week will include lectures (mornings, 9:00-12:00) and hands-on exercises in computer labs (afternoons, 13:00-16:00).

Invited lecturer: Johan Åqvist (University of Upsala)

Examduring week 18 (27-30/04)

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Course Schedule
Course description

Course description: The course will provide an introduction to key techniques for modeling of biological molecules with a focus on molecular structure and function. The course is meant for structural biology students.Techniques to analyze and validate computations will also be central in the course.

The course focuses on three main areas:
i) molecular mechanics: force field origin, composition and evaluation techniques, simulation techniques;
ii) conformational sampling by geometry optimization, molecular dynamics and Monte Carlo simulations;
iii) free energy calculations: determination of binding energies using free energy perturbation, linear interaction energy, and simplified scoring approaches.

Pensum: Molecular Modelling: Principles and Applications (Andrew Leach)

External students must apply for a student guest status at UiB when signing up for the course. For more information, contact Knut Olav Daasvatn

Note! BioStruct covers the costs for travel and accommodation for BioStruct students participating in national courses at Norwegian universities other than the student’s home-institution. For information contact Jennifer A. L. Nunn, / 776 25184 /

If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the course, 75% of the course admissions will be reserved students attending the PhD school BioStruct.