Structure guided drug discovery and design (KJE-8704)

Place: NorStruct, Forskningsparken 3, University of Tromsø
Time: October 3-7, 2016
ECTS: 5 ECTS (PhD level course)
Teaching: Lectures and practical computer sessions
Exam: Written project and oral exam by skype within 3 mnd (pass/fail)
Course responsible: Richard Engh, UiT (
Contact for registration and accommodation: Maarten Beerepoot ( / 776 23103)
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This course aims to provide students an overview of the structural aspects of modern drug discovery. Industry and academic speakers will review: retrospective studies on the structural mechanisms of classical drugs, structures of drug target classes, evaluation of “druggability”, de-novo and substrate based hit generation, structure guided screen design, scaffold swapping, in vitro and in silico binding site characterization (fragment/solvent screens, cheminformatic fragmentization), lead optimization, structure guided synthesis strategies (hit explosion, diversity oriented synthesis), and late stage processes, including prediction of and reaction to drug resistance.

Presentation of these topics aims to remain fundamentally grounded in the basic chemistry of protein-ligand interactions, chemical reactivity in biological environments, chemical synthetic methods, enzyme kinetics, thermodynamics and cheminformatics. Lectures will be accompanied by computer and literature exercises, and students will propose and carry out a project, optionally integrated with their thesis research.

General info

BioStruct covers the costs for travel and accommodation for BioStruct students participating in national courses at Norwegian universities other than the student’s home institution. For more information contact Maarten Beerepoot. If the number of applicants exceeds the capacity of the course, 75% of the course admissions will be reserved for students attending the PhD school, BioStruct. The course may be cancelled if the number of registered participants is too low. Registered students will be contacted shortly after the registration deadline.

External PhD students (pursuing the 5 ECTS) must, in addition to registering for the course, also fill in the application (see link above) form to be registered as guest students at UiT. A letter confirming that you are enrolled to a PhD program at your home institution must be added. The application form and confirmation letter are to be sent together to Maarten Beerepoot (
This is required for several administrative purposes, including access to the electronic Fronter room that will be used during the course.

Accommodations will be arranged for external PhD students; travel must be arranged by the participants themselves.

Postal address:
Maarten Beerepoot
BioStruct, Inst. for kjemi
Forskningsparken 3
Universitetet i Tromsø
9037 Tromsø