Scientific Writing

Two day English for Academic purposes Workshop at UiB, UiO, UiT

This workshop is intended for academics who wish to improve their written English and oral communication skills. The course will next time be hosted at the University of Tromsø, October 21.-22. 2013.
Over the course of two days, the workshop will cover genre awareness, features characteristics of academic writing, vocabulary building, constructing a research paper, and presentation and oral communication skills. The workshop is open for both internal and external students, but if fully signed BioStruct members will be prioritized.

 Through work on this course, participants will acquire the necessary skills to enable:
•           Improvement of English language errors common in academic writing
•           Identification of their own problem areas in writing, and strategies for dealing with these
•           Improved clarity, cohesion and other criteria required for the production of academic  texts
•          Critical analysis and assessment of academic texts
•         Greater confidence when presenting academic work at conferences or when teaching
Lecturer is Dr. Tulpesh Patel. Dr. Patel holds a PhD in cognitive neuroscience and a Post.Doc from Aston University. Patel is presently emloyed as an Academic Writing Mentor at Høgskolen i Oslo