Hvem er vi

Idag har følgende tilknytning til senteret:

Audun Hetland: Veileder/forsker

Matthew Stephensen: Stipendiat innen «Beslutningstaking i skredterreng»

Andrea Mannberg: Forsker

Bjørn Michaelsen, Researcher 

98619997, bjorn.michaelsen@uit.no

Geographer (UiB)

1992 Outdoor life educator/instructor at (Øytun) Alta folkehogskole
1998 – 2016 Ski- and Avalanche instructor full year course – Off piste
2001 – Ski- and Avalanche instructor full season course – Ski og skred
2001 – Five annual Domestic and International Ski og avalanche Workshops
2002 – Contributed within Ski & Avalanche conferences Domestic and Internationally​
2002 – Avalanche Course and Consultant for regional contractors
2011 – Contributed to the Norwegian Avalanche Warning Service
2012 – Avalanche consultant for the Norwegian Road Authorities
2013 – Avalanche Courses for snow mobilers regional level
Current research at CARE:
2014 The Art of skiing indisciplined during Level 2 conditions (ISSW 2014)
–  Development of a new approach within avalanche terrain during deep persistent week layer situations
2016 – Observing Ski Touring and Decision making in the Alps. What ordinary people do or Not Do and Why? (ISSW 2016)
The project wants to observe what people really do contributing to new theory on behaviour and decision-making. Observing how people ski tour might give new insights we have missed and that locals can’t see within their habits and tradition. Field work will continue within the European Alps and US Rockies.


Rune Engeset: Associate professor II

99038868, rue@nve.no

Rune Engeset is appointed associate professor II at CARE (School of Sports Science) at the University of Tromsø. His main interests are avalanche forecasting and risk management. Rune is also the head of the glaciology group at the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and the Norwegian Avalanche Warning Service at Varsom.no. Rune has a PhD in satellite-based earth observation of snow and ice from the University of Oslo.

Jeg biveilder per i dag 2 masterstudenter:
Paul Velsand paul.velsand@gmail.com ved Institutt for geologi.
Anders Johansen ajo101@post.uit.no ved Handelshøyskolen i Tromsø.

Markus Landrø: Stipendiat

90201696, mala@nve.no

Cohabitant and two Kids. Master degree from Norwegian university of sports, IFMGA- mountain guide. Author of two avalanche books and numerous articles about avalanches. In charge of the observer network for the national avalanche forecast. Phd. Research project regarding decision-making in avalanche terrain. Favorite snow – 10 cm of soft spring snow.

Espen Nordahl (prosjektleder)


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