HiOA applies to become a university

Our erstwhile director Curt Rice, now the head honcho at the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, has tendered an application for his new institution to become Norway’s ninth university.

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One. Million. Kroner

How does that sound to you? Not bad? Well, this is exactly how much the Tromsø Research Foundation has granted to the project Bilingual Immigrant Children in North Norway: The Norwegian Welfare Society and the Language of Russian-Norwegian Children; from the CASTL side, it involves postdoc Yulia Rodina, professor II Antonella Sorace, Senior Researcher Marit Westergaard and affiliate Tore Nesset. Congratulations! (see the full announcement here, in Norwegian)

In other news, congratulation to CASTL PhD student Sandhya Sundaresan, whose poster A plea for syntax: monsters, agreement and de se has been accepted to the prestigious SALT conference, which takes place at Rutgers this year. Way to go!

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And for some less orthodox events….

Well, let’s start with some more, ahem, orthodox news: CASTL post-doc Roksolana Mykhaylyk is going to present Change in Prosody as an Alternative: Evidence from Acquisition at the 35th Penn Linguistics Colloquium in Philadelphia in March. So be there!

Anyway, here are some more hot news. First, congratulations to the CLEAR research group, which includes CASTL affiliates Laura Janda, Tore Nesset and Svetlana Sokolova, who have successfully launched their database of Russian verbal prefixes, which you can find here. It is an excellent resource for both researchers and students of Russian, who have to grapple with the complexities of Russian aspect, so be sure to check it out.

Meanwhile, CASTL senior researcher Michal Starke has been in Barcelona, participating in an event called New Paths in Linguistic Theory, where he has defended the nanosyntax framework in a debate with Cedric Boeckx. Here is what it should have looked like according to the organizers.

[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/20266891 w=400&h=320]

Spot New Paths in Linguistic Theory from sintaxi de butxaca on Vimeo.

PS- Michal is alive and well.

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February news: DGfS, nominations

Right, just because somebody at CASTL Blog HQ sometimes forgets to press the “Publish” button doesn’t mean nothing is going on. Here’s a recap of (relatively) recent news:

  • CASTL was prominent on the program of the 2011 edition of the annual conference of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft, which took place in Göttingen. On the program were CASTL senior researcher Marit Westergaard with colleague Anita Røreng (Word order and scrambling in double object constructions in German), researcher Øystein Vangsnes (Rolling up the North Germanic noun phrase) and postdoc Kristine Bentzen (Introduction to object shift), as well as PhD students Alexander Pfaff (Position Matters, not Form!) and Sandhya Sundaresan (Monstrous agreement, de se attitudes, anaphora: evidence from Tamil)
  • Congratulations also to Øystein Vangsnes and CASTL affiliate Laura Janda, who have been nominated to receive the University’s annual prizes for popularization and outstanding research for 2011. We’ll be sure to let you know of the results, which are due in late March
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Congratulations to Kaori Takamine!

It is always sad to see good friends leave us, but we are also happy to see them move to pastures new. So congratulations to CASTL alumna and part-time Higher Executive Officer Kaori Takamine, who has beaten off ferocious competition to land a post-doctoral scholarship down (or, well, “up” for most of you out there) in Trondheim at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, where she will work on a project entitled Adpositional modifiers: the hierarchy and its mapping to clause structure. Good luck, Kaori!

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It’s hiring time! And more…

It’s hiring time at CASTL! This year, we have one open fully funded PhD position in theoretical and/or experimental linguistics. This is an excellent opportunity to study at one of the world’s premier graduate schools in generative linguistics while experiencing Tromsø’s unique environment: a chance not to be missed! The deadline is March 28th, and the full announcement is here.

On another note, CASTL has also received a number of scholarships for PhD students at its partner institutions in the Northern regions. The scholarships are for 5 months at NOK 8,760 per month (plus NOK 10,000 in travel expenses): there are two scholarships for students from Russia (one for Fall 2011 and one for Fall 2012), one for students from Canada (Fall 2011) and one for students from the U.S. (Fall 2012). These scholarships are available via the institutions’ exchange programs, so applications should go via your own university; to see a list of eligible institutions, see this page (only institutions marked HSL and SENTRAL are eligible) – but it is not too late to ask your university to consider establishing an exchange agreement with the University of Tromsø: the application deadline in May 1st of the relevant year.

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Resuming normal service…

…on two fronts. First, congratulations to CASTL PhD students Éva Dékány and Sandhya Sundaresan, whose presence will grace the 34th GLOW colloquium in glamorous Vienna in April. Éva will talk about Spurious NP Ellipsis in Hungarian, while Sandhya presents
A syntactic feature-calculus and double-access analysis for indexical shift in Tamil
The whole program is here.

Second, this Thursday CASTL will officially kick off the new semester (of course, you wouldn’t say it was only starting judging by the amount of activity around…).  We will start with a colloquium presentation by Antonella Sorace (University of Edinburgh/University of Tromsø) and Ludovica Serratrice (University of Manchester) on The interpretation of null and overt subject pronouns in Italian: Evidence from off-line and on-line data in monolingual and bilingual children, followed by the kick-off party at Árdna! And for those who survive the party, Ludovica will lead a workshop on eye tracking on Friday. Isn’t that exciting?

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When it’s silent on the blog…

…it doesn’t mean it’s silent in CASTL. Despite the prolonged radio silence (sorry about that!), we’ve been keeping ourselves busy. Here are some highlights of the past couple of weeks:

  • CASTL phonologists traversed basically the entire continent (and then some) to invade Marrakech and give not one, but several talks at OCP8, one of the field’s premier conferences. On the program were PhD students Pavel Iosad (Explaining licensing mismatches in Welsh), Violeta Martínez-Paricio (Vowel sequences, vowel clusters and unmarked stress in Spanish),  Dragana Šurkalović (Phase-Phase Faithfulness), and Islam Youssef (Labialization in Baghdadi Arabic: features and constraints), while CASTL affiliate Martin Krämer presented Optimizing Lexical Optimization. Also on the program were former CASTL postdoc Christian Uffmann (now of the University of Sussex) and Patrycja Strycharczuk of the University of Manchester, a graduate of the Master’s program here in Tromsø.
  • Keeping to the topic of CASTL phonologists, senior researcher Bruce Morén-Duolljá spent the week in the Netherlands teaching a course on Phonological Feature Theory at the important LOT Winter School 2011 (see course description here)
  • CASTL affiliate Tom McFadden and PhD student Sandhya Sundaresan also headed for warmer climes – but that is not to say they were in it just for the sun. In fact, they gave a talk at JNU Delhi entitled Against the dependence of nominative case on finiteness. Also, be sure to check out this workshop on Finiteness in South Asian languages that Sandhya, Tom and CASTL senior researcher Gillian Ramchand are organizing in Tromsø in June.

Whew, that was a long blog entry. Actually, more news are coming up, but let’s keep it shorter, shall we? Just watch this space.

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Oslomarka calling!

In more presentation news, CASTL senior researcher Marit Westergaard is off to beautiful Lysebu (did you know that most of Oslo is actually forest? Well, it’s somewhere in that forest) to participate in a workshop on Information structure and corpus annotation: theoretical and practical perspectives. She will present a talk co-authored with UiT colleague Anita Røreng, which is entitled Word order and information structure in double object constructions. See the entire program here.

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More CASTL people to the Netherlands!

Following from December’s CASTL descent on the western part of the Netherlands, now it is the turn of the north-east! As some of you may know, ConSOLE XIX takes place in Groningen, on January 5th through 8th. And there are familiar names among the participants: senior researcher Bruce Morén-Duolljá is an invited speaker (his talk is entitled Is linguistics an empirical science?), and PhD student Violeta Martínez-Paricio will talk about Coercive weight and diphthongs in Spanish. Find the program (including Bruce and Violeta’s abstracts) here.

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