FishFeed / Sep25

Hello everyone,  In our last reading seminar (yesterday) we agreed to continue discussing Kratzer & Selkirk’s / Féry’s papers next week.  The meeting will take place on Monday, 25 September at 12.30 (after CASTL coffee) in A3018. We hope to see many of you there! You can find both articles in PDF in a previous post.  Read More

Fish Feed Seminar/Reading Group

The Fish group meets weekly in A 3018 on Mondays at 1230 after CASTL coffee. For Monday 18th September, we agreed we would discuss the following papers. Angelika Kratzer and Lisa Selkirk. 2007. Phase Theory and Prosodic Spellout: The case of Verbs.   The Linguistic Review 24.  pg  93–135     (  Kratzer and Selkirk sep 18 ) Caroline Read More


The Autumn term 2017 is in full swing. We have three new members to the group. Natalia Jardon and Maud Westendorp are new PhD students. Craig Sailor will be joining us as a postdoc for three years. Welcome all three!