FishFeed November 21 and November 27

Due to closed schools on Monday 20th November, the next FishFeed will take place on Tuesday 21st November (but in the usual room, A3018; at 12.30)  where we will hear from Björn who will talk about his latest research that he is due to present at the upcoming meeting of MONS next week. He is looking Read More

Fish Feed: October30&Nov6

Fish Feed decided it was not going to continue reading Contiguity Theory. (Essentially, the questions it raises are important but the architecture and details of what it proposes are useless). Because of upcoming NELS in Iceland, which both Craig and Peter are attending, Fish Feed will also not meet on Monday Oct 30. Instead, we Read More

FishFeed/October 23

We had a fun session on Japanese prosody on October 16th, (thanks again Kaori!) where we discussed exactly what is at stake in claiming a Match theory of the (indirect) mapping between syntax and prosody. Fish Feed will now return to reading Norvin Richards’ Contiguity Theory. We will read the chapters on head movement for Read More