The purpose of FishFeed is to (i) discuss each other’s work and (ii) discuss research papers of interest and relevance to the group, especially those related to ongoing projects and our overlapping research concerns. This term the theme is word order and prosody.
The Fish group meets weekly in A3018 on Mondays at 12:30 after CASTL coffee. 
See you all there!

Schedule and readings Autumn 2017
November 27th
Craig will talk about some of his recent research.
November 21st (Tuesday!)
Björn will present his talk for Møte om norsk språk.

November 13th
Craig and Peter give a recap of NELS

November 6th
Joe will present his latest work. Download the draft of his article here.

October 30th
No meeting.

October 23th
Fish Feed will return to reading Norvin Richards’s Contiguity Theory. We will read the chapters on head movement, that is, chapters 6 and 7.

October 16th
Kaori Takamine will join this session.
October 9th
October 2nd 
Discussion first two chapters of Richards’s Contiguity Theory.
September 25th
We will resume the discussion on Kratzer & Selkirk’s/Féry’s papers (see September 18th).
September 18th
Angelika Kratzer and Lisa Selkirk. 2007. Phase Theory and Prosodic Spellout: The case of VerbsThe Linguistic Review 24.
Caroline Fery. 2011. German Sentence Accents and Prosodic Phrases. Lingua 121.

September 11th
Hamlaoui, F. & Szendrői, K., (2017). The syntax-phonology mapping of intonational phrases in complex sentences: A flexible approach. Glossa: a journal of general linguistics. 2(1), p.55.

September 4th
Peter presents his GCSW-paper “V to C and late syntactic word formation”.

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