Look Who’s Talking

29th October, 2017. Craig Sailor (joint work with Gary Thoms). When silence gets in the way: asymmetric extraction from ellipsis in British dialects.  NELS in Iceland. 

13th September, 2017  Björn Lundquist: Using eyetracking to assess separation of grammars in bi-dialectal speakers. CGSW 32 NTNU  (Pre-Conference Workshop)

15th September, 2017  Peter Svenonius: V to C and late syntactic word formation. CGSW 32 NTNU

17th September,2017  Gillian Ramchand: Building Passive in English: The Participle in EN/ED. Vienna Passives Workshop

22-24 November, 2017  Maud Westendorp: Diakron forandring og synkron variasjon i ordstilling i norske hv-spørsmål. (Development and variation of non-V2 Word Order in Norwegian wh-questions). Møte om Norsk Språk MONS 17








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