Practical information for invited speakers

You will be invited for dinner Thursday evening and lunch Friday. The rest, i.e. transport and accommodation, is up to you to arrange. Flight tickets and local transport is usually not a big problem in this country, although Tromsø is far north, it is still fairly well organized. The main airline providers are SAS.NO and NORWEGIAN.NO. Local transportation on Tromsø Island is convenient by bus or taxi. Most hotels are in the city centre, from where you will reach the University campus within 15 – 20 minutes by bus. The same amount of time is required to travel with public transport between the airport and the city centre or university campus.

Buses no. 20 and 21 go between the city centre and the university campus.

Please make sure that you take good care of all receipts, as this will be necessary in order to have your expenses refunded. Food and subsistence is covered by a flat rate, whereas all other expenses (hotel, flight, bus, taxi) require that you keep the receipts.

Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any queries.



Please note that there will be a separate, internal meeting on DH and research libraries, after lunch on Friday. Our library director, Johanne Raade, will host this meeting. More information will follow (in Norwegian) in a separate mail. But please make sure that you do not book an early return flight on Friday; we intend to keep you here until 15:45, if possible!


Kind regards,

Per Pippin Aspaas & Philipp Conzett,

University Library, UiT The Arctic University of Norway

Mail to: philipp.conzett [at] or per.pippin.aspaas [at]