Keynote 2 Secretary General Randi Talseth

Parents in the Norwegian Schools

In this lecture Secretary General Randi Talseth will discuss the tasks and rights of parents inherent in the Norwegian model and structure for schools. She will share experiences from her own work as Secretary General of the NGO Adults for Children on innovations and interventions in the Norwegian educational system, particularly related to Mental Health at Schools programmes. Talseth will also share reflections related to the way ahead for parents’ place and position in school.

 About Randi Talseth

Randi Talseth is Secretary General of the NGO Adults for Children in Norway, an organisation of which she has been a central part since 1992. She has contributed to project organization as well as developed programs and tools for dissemination and implemention, nationally and internationally.

Talseth has managed a number of conferences at the national, Nordic and international levels, including the Fourth World Conference on the Promotion of Mental Health and Prevention of Mental and Behavioral Disorders in Oslo in 2006, in collaboration with the Carter Center, the World Federation for Mental Health, and Clifford Bears Foundation.

Talseth is currently chair of a national program for the development of professional standards in child protection (since 2012) and chair of the Board of Trustees in the International Foundation Partnership for Children (since 2010).

She is also Vice Chairman of The Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health, Eastern and Southern Norway (since 2005), and a member of the Norwegian Council for Quality Improvement and Priority Setting in Health Care (since 2006), both of which are foundations established by the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care Services.

Previously Talseth has served as chair of the Nordic Network for People Working with Children of Mentally Ill Parents (2010-2012), as a board member of Health South-East 2007-2012 (appointed by the Health Ministry), as a national partner for Mental Health Europe (from 1994), as a permanent member of the reference group for user organisations in the mental health field during the Action Plan for mental health (1999-2008), and as a member of the Committee for the study of the treatment deadlines in mental health services for children and young people (2008).

Talseth was also a member of the government appointed committee, Flatøutvalget, that reported on children at risk and published the Official Norwegian Report “What you do, do it in full. Better coordination of services for children at risk” (NOU 2009:22).


 Adults for Children

Adults for Children (formerly called Mental Barnehjelp from 1960 – 1996) is an NGO promoting the mental health of children and adolescents. The organization works with, and offers services to the parents and carers of children and adolescents – and to all who work with children and young people. Adults for Children is particularly concerned with children’s interests and children`s mental health. Adults for Children aims at making the perspective of the child visible for local and national decision makers when it comes to issues concerning children in school, kindergarten, social welfare institutions and mental health institutions. Adults for Children are concerned with children who live in families with parental mental health problems or parental drug abuse. The organization offers training for professionals in adult mental health institutions and community based care systems on how to take care of the family and the child when parent have a problem. The organization also runs programs for schools on how to promote good mental health among children.

More information about Adults for Children – in Norwegian only:

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