How to Submit an Abstract for a Symposium


A symposium session builds on a theme and is proposed and planned by a symposium organiser.
 The papers focus on a common theme. A symposium has a chair (often the organiser) and a discussant, who has read the papers in advance. The symposium organiser will decide how the symposium is to be organised and the time allotment for each presentation.

In addition to the general abstract requirements, proposals for symposias must also include:

  • A plan for the symposium including (1) The title of the symposium, and (2) An abstract describing the entire symposium (500 words).
  • Names of chairperson and discussant for the Symposium.
  • Short abstracts (200 words) of all papers within the symposium.
  • The names of the contributors along with their affiliations and email addresses, titles of their presentations and their abstracts. Names of those presenting must be specified.

Sym­posia con­sist of a 90 minute ses­sion organ­ised by the sub­mit­ters. The sym­posia includes 3 – 5 papers per ses­sion plus a Dis­cus­sant.
The sym­po­sium needs to be handed in as one sub­mis­sion with a descrip­tion of the sym­po­sium (500 words) and a list of all abstracts for all papers linked to it (200 word abstract per paper).
The pro­poser must appoint a chair­per­son and a dis­cus­sant and these must be named in the pro­posal. The discussant’s role is to read all abstracts ahead of the sym­po­sium and offer a cri­tique of the sym­po­sium as a whole. The pro­poser is respon­si­ble for com­mu­ni­cat­ing with all con­trib­u­tors and with ERNAPE-ARCTIC about the pro­posal. By July 15th the pro­poser also needs to pro­vide the dis­cus­sant with a full set of abstracts of papers within the sym­po­sium. Only the per­son who sub­mits the pro­posal will receive cor­re­spon­dence relat­ing to the sub­mis­sion. The sub­mit­ter must notify all authors of the sta­tus of the proposal.

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