Venue: Teorifagsbygg 1, AUD 2

NB! Video stream available, click on plenary title to play.



09:00-10:00      Registration, coffee and tea

10:00-10:40      Opening Session

Welcome to EuPRA 2015 by

             HSL-fak Dean Sonni Olsen

             EuPRA President Itir Toksöz

             CPS Director Christine Smith-Simonsen

Perfomance by Anne-Lise Sollied Allemano (soprano) and Sergej Osadchuk (piano)

Introduction by EuPRA Board member Hendrik BullensChallenges to Peace and Peace Studies in the 21st Century – the EuPRA 2015 Agenda

10:40-12:00      Plenary I: Peace Studies Epistemology: Descartes-Vico-Daoism – and Europe, by Johan Galtung(:59min)

Chair: Christine Smith-Simonsen

Discussant: Vidar Vambheim

12:00-13:00      Lunch

13:00-14:30      Parallel Sessions I

14:30-15:00      Break

15:00-16:30      Parallel Sessions II

16:30-17:00      Break

17:00-18:30      Plenary II: Peace Theories and Politics

Chair: Vidar Vambheim

Oliver Richmond: Peace in the 21st Century: From Liberal to Neoliberal, or Post-Liberal Peace?

Willem van Eekelen: EU-NATO Cooperation and the New Meaning of ‘Hybrid Security’

21:00                 Informal get-together at the pub Prelaten in the City Center (servings at own cost).

Introduction to Tromsø by Per Helge Nylund

Presentation of the Norwegian-Russian arts project under the auspices of Kurant (opens at the old navy base Olavsvern on September 5)



09:00-10:30      Plenary III: Europe North-South

Chair: Steven Zunes

Itir Toksöz: Turmoil on Europe’s Southern Borders: Building or Burning Bridges?

Helge Luraas: Idealism in Disarray: How Geopolitical Miscalculations and the Spread of Chaos in the Borderlands will affect Europe 

10:30-11:00      Break

11:00-12:30      Parallel Sessions III

12:30-14:00      Lunch

14:00-15:30      Parallel Sessions IV

15:30-16:00      Break

16:00-17:30      Plenary IV: Europe East-West

Chair: Unto Vesa

Andreas Heinemann-Grüder: Detente, Containment or Regime Change? Lessons of the Ukraine Conflict

Pavel Baev: Managing the New Confrontation: How to Deal with the Newly-Revisionist Russia?

18:00                 Conference Dinner (add. fee) at Farmasi Kantina on Campus, maked as building nr. 16 on the Campus map

21:00                 Concert in the City Main Church under the auspices of the Tromsø Music Conservatory, dir: Ragnar Rasmussen

Free of charge, and free bus at 20:30 from the dinner



09:00-10:30      Plenary V: Political Economics of Conflict and Peace

Chair: Hendrik Bullens

Aude Fleurant: Three Steps backward for European Defence and Security? Trends in Military Spending, Arms Production and Arms Transfers 

Bjørn Møller: Making War and Lots of Money: The Political Economy of Civil Wars

10:30-10:45      Break

10:45-12:15      Parallel Sessions V

12:15-13:00      Lunch

13:00-14:30      Plenary VI: Europe, Forced Migration and the Refugee Crisis

Chair: Christine Smith-Simonsen

Peter Nobel: Human Rights and National/International Security

Mohammed Abdiker: Conflict and migration: the moving frontlines

14:30-14:40      Closing by EuPRA President Itir Toksöz


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