Parallell Sessions

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Time Room 1.343 Room 1.333 Room 1.329 Room 1.325
13:00 – 14:30

[politics and economics of c&p]*

chair: Aude Fleurant

Hendrik Bullens

Steve Wright

Sanem Özer

Askin Sökmen

[euro-arctic region 1]

chair: Rasmus G. Bertelsen

Gleb Yarovoy

Albert & Vasilache

Teemu Palosaari

[border culture]

chair: Holger Pötzsch

Kurki & Kaskinen

Mari Ristolainen

Holger Pötzsch 

15:00 – 16:30

[post-sovietstates – the west]*

chair: Steve Wright

Stephen Zunes  

Alexandra Smirnova

[euro-arctic region 2]

chair: Björn Möller

Ulrich Kühn

Benjamin Schaller

Rasmus G. Bertelsen

[journalism and peace]

chair: Metin Ersoy

Jake Lynch

Rune Ottosen

Ersoy & Miller


chair: Holger Pötzsch

Holger Pötzsch

Roswitha Skare

Andrei Rogatchevski

Emil L. Hammar

11:00 – 12:30

[UN, peacekeeping, (non-)violence]*

chair: Stephen Zunes

Siwen Huang

Randolph Rhea

Rachel Julian

Firuze Simay Sezgin

[balkan, security, minorities]*

chair: Megumi Nishimura

Mimoza Telaku

Megumi Nishimura

Jagoda Rosul-Gojic

[arts and peace 1]

chair: Itir Toksöz

Craig Robertson

Ellen Frank

[education and peace 1]

chair: Vidar Vambheim

Helen Verran

Lekh Baral

Hitomi Sakamoto

14:00 – 15:30

[cooperation, technology and sustainable development ]*

chair: Johannes Böhner

Arnim Reger

Johannes Böhner

Oliver Richmond

[psychology and peace]

chair: Stephanie Thiel

Claudio Lanza

Stephanie Thiel

Olga Kobzeva

Kseniia Gladkih

[arts and peace 2]

chair: TBA

Itir Toksöz

Ruben Moi

Frank Möller

[education and peace 2]

Chair: Vidar Vambheim

Tatiana Teterevleva

Josefine Raasch

Candice Carter

Faisal Munir

10:45 – 12:15

[theories and peace]

chair: Oliver Richmond

Vambheim & Bullens

Unto vesa

Lodve Svare 

[identity, memory, reconciliation]*

chair: Barbara G. Renzi

Marko Lehti

Barbara G. Renzi

Ruben Moi

Inger-Elin Svanø Øye


[europe, security, peace, neutrality]*

chair: Diego C. Hidalgo

Diego Cheka Hidalgo

Olga Petrova

Vladislav Fedorov


* [in absentia]: Further papers or power point presentations on this topic by contributors who were not able to come are accessible on demand, se poster in the conference hall.



Asterix [*] indicate that the session has more contributions in the in absentia session (see below)


WEDNESDAY 13:00 – 14:30

Room 1.343, [politics and economics of c & p]*, chair: Aude Fleurant

Hendrik Bullens: You can Spend a Dollar only Once: State Security, Human Security and the Taxpayer

Steve Wright: Policing the gateways to Europe: 21st C approaches to denying access to the land of the plenty

Sanem Özer: EU Immigrants Policy and Peacebuilding

Askin Sökmen: From the Societal and Political Security of European Regimes, The Conflict Generated Diasporas


Room 1.333, [euro-arctic region 1], chair: Rasmus G. Bertelsen

Gleb Yarovoy: Russian and Nordic political dichotomies and their implication to cooperation in the Barents region

Mathias Albert & Andreas Vasilache: Governmentality of the Arctic Region: Prospects of Cooperation and Conflict

Teemu Palosaari: Solving the Arctic Paradox. Global climate change ethics and Arctic oil and gas Development


Room 1.325, [border culture], chair: Holger Pötzsch

Tuulikki Kurki & Saija Kaskinen: Border as a phenomenological and hermeneutical experience

Mari Ristolainen: The written borders of ”New Russia” at war and peace

Holger Pötzsch: Art Across Borders: Dislocating Artistic and Curatorial Practices in the Barents Euro-Arctic Region


WEDNESDAY 15:00 – 16:30

Room 1.343, [post-soviet states and the west]**, chair: Steve Wright

Stephen Zunes: Western Involvement in non-violent Eastern European insurgencies

Alexandra Smirnova: Peaceful notions and actors in Russia


Room 1.333, [euro-arctic region 2], chair: Björn Möller

Ulrich Kühn: Cooperative Arms Control in Europe, the Ukraine Conflict, and the Global Nuclear Order

Benjamin Schaller: The Arctic Security Community – A Proving Ground for Restoring Confidence and Mutual Trust in a Tensed European Security Environment?

Rasmus G. Bertelsen: Arctic science diplomacy: a useful tool for managing systemic transitions concerning post-Soviet Russia and the rise of China?


Room 1.329, [journalism and peace], chair: Metin Ersoy

Jake Lynch: Is Peace Journalism feasible?

Rune Ottosen: Twitter vs. terrorism and political violence? – The potential for social media in times of crisis

Metin Ersoy & Leon Miller: New digital public sphere and democratic peace theory


Room 1.325, [encode], chair: Holger Pötzsch

Holger Pötzsch: Re-Framing European Histories: Simulation, Memory, and the Relentless Salience of Violent Pasts

Roswitha Skare: The Three-Part Television Series Generation War (ZDF 2013): Representations of German and Polish Identities and the Discourse of Authenticity

Andrei Rogatchevski: Representations of European versus Russian/Soviet Identity in Cold War Spy Films: James Bond against Count Tulyev 

Emil L. Hammar: Commemoration through Play – How Computer Games Predispose the Performance of Memories of Conflict and Oppression


THURSDAY 11:00 – 12:30

Room 1.343, [UN, peacekeeping, (non-)violence]***, chair: Stephen Zunes

Siwen Huang: Major Powers’ position on the use of Armed Force for the Protection of Strangers

Randolph Rhea: Disarmament, Demobilization, & Reintegration: Paradoxes of Local Reintegration Processes

Rachel Julian: Challenging peacekeeping: how the incorporation of nonviolence reaches out to the ‘local’

Firuze Simay Sezgin: Speed, Size and Composition of the United Nations Peacekeeping Operations’ Initial Deployments


Room 1.333, [balkan, security, minorities]****, chair: Megumi Nishimura

Mimoza Telaku: Perceptions of Collective Narratives and Acculturation Attitudes

Megumi Nishimura: The structures of Kosovo double power: struggles of peoples self-determination against ethnic self-determination

Jagoda Rosul-Gojic: Women’s advocacy and the implementation of the UNSCR 1325 in BiH


Room 1.329, [arts and peace 1], chair: Itir Toksöz

Craig Robertson: Musicological ethnography and peacebuilding (inter-religious choir – Sarajevo)

Ellen Frank: Cities of Peace: The Transformative Power of Illuminated Art to Build A Global Culture of Peace and Understaning


Room 1.325, [education and peace 1], chair: Vidar Vambheim

Helen Verran: Learning to Do Difference Together

Lekh Baral: Expansion and Growth of English as a Language of Instruction in Nepal’s School Education

Hitomi Sakamoto: Global Greenglish Project for Peace Education


THURSDAY 14:00 – 15:30

Room 1.343, [cooperation, technology and sustainable development ]*****, chair: Johannes Böhner

Arnim Reger: Establishing cross boarder industry cooperation by developing international studies in emerging technologies

Johannes Böhner: Industrial Sustainability – how cross-border cooperation can enhance peace in Europe

Oliver Richmond: The Evolution of Mediation in International Relations: A Critical Perspective


Room 1.333, [psychology and peace], chair: Stephanie Thiel

Claudio Lanza: The European Union and the mimetic rivalry threat

Stephanie Thiel: The Threat from Within: How to Stop the Crumbling of European Values

Olga Kobzeva: Cooperation as a strategy of solving conflict by self-realized personality

Kseniia Gladkih: Sabona method or legitimate way of solving conflict


Room 1.329, [arts and peace 2], chair: TBA

Itir Toksöz: Comparative Futures: A Study of Humankind’s Prospective National and International Political Organizations Through Modern Science Fiction – Repercussions for Security and Peace

Ruben Moi: War and Peace in the Poetry of Northern Ireland How has Belfast changed since the Good Friday Agreement in 1998?

Frank Möller: The Violence of witnessing artists (Violence in images)


Room 1.325, [education and peace 2], chair: Vidar Vambheim

Tatiana Teterevleva: What/how do we teach about our neighbours? Peace History as a Path to the Peaceful Future

Josefine Raasch: Making Futures Different from the Past. Opportunities for Peace Education in History classes

Candice Carter: Future-Oriented Peace Education Education about conflict and peace occurs across disciplines and subject areas

Faisal Munir: Role of Education in Promoting Terrorism, Militancy and Intolerance in Pakistan


FRIDAY 10:45 – 12.15

Room 1.343, [theories and peace]****** chair: Oliver Richmond

Vidar Vambheim & Hendrik Bullens: From an Evolutionary Point of View: Remarks on Some Basic Concepts in Conflict & Peace St

Unto Vesa: The come back of Cold War in the Baltic Sea region?

Lodve Svare: What is peace research’s philosophical Foundation?


Room 1.333, [identity, memory, reconciliation]*******, chair: Barbara G. Renzi

Marko Lehti: Rethinking identities and dialogue in conflict transformation

Barbara G. Renzi: Memories of the Colombanus Community of Reconciliation

Ruben Moi: Challenges to Peace in Northern Ireland after the Troubles 1968-1998

Inger-Elin Svanø Øye: The Role of Memory for Peace and Conflict in Europe: Germany’s Peaceful Transformation


Room 1.325, [europe, security, peace, neutrality], chair: Diego C. Hidalgo ********

Diego Cheka Hidalgo: The European Peace Army. An unfinished challenge

Olga Petrova: Ideas of Power and Elites: An Implication for Democracy in Indonesia and Europe

Vladislav Fedorov: The essence and status of neutrality concept in the current international relations system


Thoughout the Conference, Conference Hall, [in absentia]

*Pierluigi Musaro: All in the same boat? Pro-migrant activists and solidarity movements in Europe

**Giray Saynur Derman: The Role of Energy in EU-Russian Relations

***Münevver Cebeci: The EU’s role in Peacebuilding: Governmentality, Security and Normativity

****Lidija Čehulić Vukadinović: Integration of the Western Balkans in euroatlantic space How can NATO help to solve the contemporary strategic problems in Europe

*****Murat Ayan: Social peace management for European peace. Suggestion of a quality excellence model

******Charles Webel: The Group Psychology of War And Peace in Europe Today: The Case of Ukraine

*******Gianmarco Pisa: Memory deposits for a Peace perspective. Memory and Cultures for a Peace perspective across the Balkans

********Thomas Daffern: Notes Towards a Rational Peace Policy for Europe

********Klaus Schlichtmann: European Integration, UN Reform and the Problem of Achieving a Lasting Peace in Europe and the World without Arms




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