There are a number of hotels available in the city centre, close to the bus terminal with several options of bus routes going to the UiT campus.
If you work at a University in Norway, you should check what hotel chains your University has agreements with. If lucky, your University may have negotiated better prices than those offered on the Internet:,, and others.
Currently (April), prices found are from about NOK 2100 and up for three nights.
UiT has agreements with

  1. Scandic Hotels AS (Norge)
  2. Nordic Choice Commercial Servises AS (Clarion-, Quality- og Comforthotel)
  3. Thon Hotel AS
  4. Rezidor Hotels Norway AS (Radisson og Park Inn)
  5. City Living Tromsø (ved opphold over 4 dager)   

It may happen that better prices are offered on these agreements, but it is not guaranteed, if the hotel is nearly full.

For cheaper alternatives still, there are several AirBnB alternatives, both near center of town and within walking distance from the University.
To learn more about getting around in the town, check out the venue page.
For general information about where to stay, eat, and what to do in Tromsø, you can check out

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