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For the plenary talks we have been lucky to attract two world renown speakers on the topics of astrophysics and astrobiology, as well as excellent speakers nominated by the groups of the Norwegian Physical Society and Department of Physics and Technology. The program presented by the UiT groups will cover space physics, nano-optics, sensors and energy and climate physics. There will be parallel sessions on a) Condenced Matter and Atomic Physics, b) Subatomic Physics and Astrophysics, c) Biophysics, d) Space, Plasma, and Climate Physics.
The Birkeland year will be observed by a lecture by Dr. Terje Brundtland at the end of the meeting. Stay put for a memorable talk!

Parallel session are organized by the topical groups of the Society.

  • Condenced Matter and Atomic Physics session (CMAP) starts at 9.00 in Auditorium TB 2.017.
  • Subatomic Physics and Astrophysics session (SPAP) starts at 9.30 in Auditorium TB 2.018.
  • Biophysics session (BP) starts at 9.30 in Auditorium TB 2.019
  • Space-, plasma-, and Climate Physics session (SPCP) starts at 10.00 in Room TB 1.016

Aud PBT = Auditorium Tabletten (F1.101) in the Pharmasy Building.
Aud TB = Auditoriums 2.017, 2.018 og 2.019, and 1.016 in the Technology Building.  See overview map..
For further details of the program, click the weekday titles.

Monday 07.08 Tuesday 08.08 Wednesday 09.08


Arrival/ Registration
(until 16.00)
chair: F. Melandsø
Chair: M. Trudeng
09.15  Start Parallel I
CMAP  TB 2.017
Chair: J. P. Hansen
 09.30 Start Parallel I
SAAP TB 2.018
Chair: H. Helstrup
Start Parallel I
BP TB 2.019
Chair: M. Lilledahl
 09.45 Start Parallell I
SPCP TB 1.016
Chair: K. Olafsson
 Jágerská:Methane sensing
on a chip
The Power of Python in Science and Education
 10.15 Coffe break   Coffee break
 10.45 Tinguely:
Prisutdeling Martin Landrøs pris og Undervisnings-prisenmed pris-foredrag.
Å. Fredriksen
11.00  Coffee break
 11.15 Marstein: The modern crystalline silicon solar cell
11.30 Parallel II
 11.45 Tywoniuk: Quark-gluon plasma Brundtland: Canned Aurora
 12.15 Lunch
 12.30 Closing
 12.45 Lunch
13.00 Suggested time for annual group meetings
 13.15 Lunch Tutorial, Sudbø: Metallic Hydrogen
 14.15 Opening
w/Prorektor Kenneth Ruud
chair: Å. Fredriksen
Debatt m/ innledere: Vi utdanner for en framtid vi ikke kjenner. Vi skal utdanne kritiske tenkere. Hvordan gjør vi det?Debattleder fung. inst.leder IFTStian Anfinsen, UiT
14.45  Keynote, Jocelyn Bell-Burnell. We are made of star stuff
15.00 Boat trip!
15.30  Coffee & poster  See details (Norwegian)


15.45  Coffee break
16.00 Årsmøte NFS
 16.15 Keynote:
Are we alone? The search for life in the universe.
Auditorium PBT
17.15 Simon Wedlund: Rosetta
Årsmøte NFL
18.00 Bus to Fjellheisen (cable car) 18.30
19.00 Tours
20.00 Get-together @Mack Conference dinner
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