For presenters

It is no longer possible to upload abstracts. Further communication should be directed to Åshild Fredriksen, LOC.

Instructions for talks:
Your time slot includes time for questions (2-5 min, depending on your total time). Please keep the talk within your allowed time slot!
Make sure that your talk works on a Windows computer, before you arrive. In particular, please check that movie files are embedded in the presentation. Some details about the AV equipment can be found here
We greatly encourage you to bring an USB stick and have your talk copied to the AV-computer in the room at least 1-2 breaks prior to your talk. Especially in the parallel sessions with short talks, this will speed up the transfer significantly. For those of you who start Monday (parallel sessions in particular), we encourage you to send your file by email to or upload it to a Dropbox account that will be shared with you by email.
In the parallel sessions rooms and the plenary auditorium Tabletten we will assign persons to help with the equipment. For the longer talks, (30 min and up) it is also possible to bring your own computer. HDMI and VGA connectors are provided with the equipment.

The poster boards fit portrait A0 format (210 mm x 297 mm). The poster boards will be provided from Monday around lunch outside Tabletten, and we recommend the posters are mounted already Monday afternoon. Equipment for the mounting will be provided.
Some advise regarding posters (guidelines only, ref.  IT Learning Centre ):
There are two criteria for text on a poster:
– Text on the poster must be readable from a distance of a metre or so
– Restrict your word count to only a few hundred words. Recommended    600-800.
– Recommended font sizes Titles 72+, Sub-titles 54+, Text 30+,
Sub-text 20+, could be less or larger depending on font type.
Standard sans-serif font such as Arial or Helvetica are generally good      for posters.

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