Workshop registration

We invite all interested researchers and activists to the first meeting of the Research and Advocacy Group for Hunter Gatherer Education to be held in Penang, Malaysia immediately prior to the Twelfth Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies (CHAGS 12). The purpose of the workshop is to gather individuals who are interested in educational issues affecting hunter-gatherer groups in various parts of the world, to formulate a mission statement and initial goals (see the working statement here), and to prepare for the launch of the group at CHAGS 12 (time of launch to be confirmed).

Location: UAB Building in downtown George Town

Dates: Saturday 21 July (afternoon) and Sunday 22 July, 2018.

Note: The main day of the workshop will be Sunday, 22 July. In the comments section of the form below, please include any information and/or requests relating to dates. We can be flexible on the start time Saturday, depending on when people arrive. We will provide more specific information about times to all who are registered.

Please fill out the following form to indicate your intention to participate. Note: registration is not binding, it is for planning purposes only.