BIO-8010 Visualizing your science: why and how?

Science is commonly communicated in two dimensions, on paper or screens. However, the audience are more likely to remember your research if they are given the opportunity to touch, feel or smell it. In collaboration with Tromsø University Museum, we offer an opportunity to communicate your research in three or more dimensions.

Submit a one page draft of your exhibition idea, and list five artefacts that could be included (e.g. sampling equipment, photos, etc.).

Course (11–14 Dec 2017)
Key lectures will be given about museum exhibitions, and we will visit existing exhibitions. During four intensive days, you will be working on an actual exhibition.

Exam (15 Dec 2017)
The last day (15 Dec 2017) is dedicated to an oral exam. You will present your exhibition, and explain the choices you or your group made. At the end of the day, there will be champagne and soft drinks.

Course catalogue: