UiT The Arctic University of Norway (UiT) and collaborating research institutes are educating increasing numbers of researchers, and due to the investments in High North Strategy will continue to do so. This has led to a greater demand for PhD-courses, better support for PhD-students under training, and career counselling for PhD-students. As research is becoming more and more competitive, future researchers need to master a wide range of skills, from good quantitative skills when designing and analysing data to good verbal skills when writing, from good administrative skills when writing research proposals to good social skills when networking towards management and stakeholders. At the same time research communication is becoming an increasingly important aspect of doing research. Both the European Union and the Norwegian Research Council demand a plan for good research communication and outreach, and the efforts in these areas are regarded as an important part of research projects.

This is where HNA comes in. Even though the main target group of HNA activities is PhD-students at UiT, the courses will be open for a wide range of people, from undergraduates to research and communication staff. In addition to more academic HNA courses, the courses in the career development module will address contact with industry and management sectors. HNA will have a strong High North profile through the focus in High North Research, but all the courses will be promoted to a body of national and international students and researchers through our partners. The HNA courses will bring together students and researchers across different scientific fields, facilitate interdisciplinary and inter-institutional collaboration, and stimulate research output and communication. HNA aims to establish a strong foundation for further improvement of research training and education in the High North.



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