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Video cameras might change soccer

In a recent story, the Norwegian broadcaster NRK writes how video cameras can change soccer. The story features prof. Dag Johansen talking about our Muithu and Bagadus systems used at Alfheim arena.

Bagadus and Muithu Appears at NRK

In a recent article, NRK writes about Bagadus and Muithu. The full article can be found here.

NFR publishes a new article about Muithu/Bagadus

The Research Council of Norway writes a new article about Muithu and Bagadus on their web-pages. The story can be found here.

Muithu/Bagadus talks at Cupfinaleseminaret

As part of the 24th Cupfinaleseminaret in UBC Ullevaal Stadion and Vallhall Arena, we will give two talks about our ongoing work in soccer analytic. The first talk, given by prof. Dag Johansen, will focus on lightweight sport analytic with Muithu.

Muithu/Bagadus in Josimar Magazine

The Norwegian soccer magazine Josimar recently featured a five page story about our soccer project with TIL. The full article can be downloaded here. Copyright Josimar.

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Muithu receives international attention.

Several international online news sites have written about Muithu, including Sciencedaily, Gizmag. and Yahoo.