Young Study Group for Systems Biology (YSGSB)

Conferences, symposia and study groups can be both exciting and intimidating places for young researchers. Many of the talks will be in fields that you don’t have a firm grasp on and presenting your findings in front of famous scientists can be a terrifying experience. YSGSB wants to provide a relaxed atmosphere for learning and exchange and beside the scientific lectures and discussions tries to address issues most relevant for young researchers, such as how you’re going to get your first job in or out of academia.

One day preceding the ISGSB conference will be designated for Master students, PhD students and PostDocs. We will organized a program of events tailored to the next generation of researchers in the hope of creating a relaxed, collaborative atmosphere that everyone feels comfortable in. The YSGSB day initiates the conference with a series of introductory talks on the session topics of the ISGSB conference given by some of the invited speakers of the main conference (e.g.  Jannie Hofmeyr (Stellenbosch, South Africa) ). These will provide background and context to the talks that occur later in the week and help you build your scientific network.

On one evening during the ISGSB conference there will be a career session. Young investigators can ask questions about their career prospects. A speaker from industry and a speaker from academia will give insight into the different options following a PhD, and what to expect from both.

Digital Life Norway Research School will cover travel- and accommodation costs for 10 of our DLNRS members in order to attend YSGSB and ISGSB. The travel grants are distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis, and you need to apply directly to the research school in order to receive a travel grant.

We hope that you get a lot out of the activities we’ve planned and enjoy your time here. Current news and contact persons can be found in our Facebook group.

Welcome to Tromsø,
The YSGSB team

The YSGSB is supported by the Centre for Digital Life Norway Reasearch School.