Lennart Nilsen

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Lennart Nilsen (Ass. Prof.)

I got a permanent position as associated professor in botany at University of Tromsø in 2002. At the moment I’m a member of the research group “Northern Populations and Ecosystems”. My major research interests are arctic vegetation ecology. Scientific work concentrate on how interaction between vegetation and environment determine the spatial distribution of plant communities and plant species. Effects of global environmental changes have been addressed through research on plant species as bioindicators and bioclimatic modeling. Geographical Information Systems and integration of remote sensed data are very important tools in this research. Research is mainly conducted on the Svalbard archipelago, but also on mainland of northern Norway. I’m responsible for, and teaching on an introduction course in general ecology (10 ECTS) and an advanced course in application of geographical information system (GIS) and remote sensing data (10 ECTS).


Faculty of Biosciences, Fisheries and Economics

Department of Arctic and Marine Biology

The Arctic University of Norway, UIT

Phone: +47 77 64 63 14

Email: lennart.nilsen@uit.no

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