Christine Smith-Simonsen

Christine Smith-Simonsen is a postdoc in African history at the Department of history and religious studies. Her doctoral thesis (2007) dealt with Norwegian relations to Eritrea, focusing mainly on the Norwegian assistance to the Eritrean liberation movement during the final decade of the liberation war. In her current projects, she is dealing with north-south relations in regards to aid cooperations and research collaborations, and her geographical focus is on Eritrea and Ethiopia. She is a member of the NuFu-project Contructions of gender in the formal and informal sector in Ethiopia with a project entitled “Local women in the driver’s seat?”, with focus on the intersection of the principle of recipient responsibility and the strategy for women within Norwegian aid policies. Smith-Simonsen is also connected to the UiT masterprograms Peacestudies and Indigenous studies as a teacher and as supervisor.


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