Yulian Konstantinov

Discussing the autumn return of the reindeer herds from the Barents Sea Coast (from left: Grigorii Khatanzei, Senior Herder, Brigade 8 of SKhPK ‘Tundra’(Lovozero), Aleksandr Sorvanov, Senior Herder, Brigade 1; Yulian Konstantinov). Photo: Vl.Vladimirova

Yulian Konstantinov is Adjunct Professor at the Department of Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Tromsø. He has been studying the postsoviet dynamic of developments in the Kola Peninsula, NW Russia, particularly as regards the reindeer husbandry part of Murmansk Region – Lovozero District (Lovozerskii raion). Yulian has been working with reindeer herders at tundra camps since 1995, as well as with other members of local communities, both at urban and tundra locations. Since last November he reads a small number of lectures to the Department of Philosophy and Sociology at Murmansk State Humanitarian University. Publications include ‘Reindeer Herders: Field-Notes from the Kola Peninsula’ (2005), and numerous articles.



Working with students at Professional School No 26 in Lovozero. Photo:Tatiana Sherstiuk

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