Fieldwork update Velina Ninkova

As I am writing this, I am preparing to leave Ghanzi, Botswana, and move to the capital of Gaborone. Before that, I spent 8 incredible months working with the small Ju/’hoan community of Skoonheid, close to the Botswanan border. It was one of the most challenging and touching experiences of my life – getting to know and bonding with people who seemed so distant from me at the beginning, and with whom I ended up sharing so much in common.

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The last 5 weeks in Botswana I spent most of my time visiting schools in Ghanzi township and the scattered villages around. It has been very interesting to draw comparison between two similar, and yet different circumstances for the local San population.

Today I am leaving for Gaborone, where I will spent a bit over a month at the University of Botswana, affiliated with the Center for San Research. Coming up in Gaborone is a weekly seminar on San-related topics, and I am looking forward to participating in it.

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Faye Ginsburg – Tromsø visit 3-5 May. Keynote speaker

The Research Group on Comparative Indigenity (KURF) is sponsoring Fay Ginsburg’s visit to Tromsø, where she will give a keynote talk and attend seminars at the Anthropology Conference Tromsø 3-5 May 2013. Her title: Fourth Cinema and future imaginaries: Australia’s indigenous new wave … Continue reading

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Feature Story “Reindrift på Kola i vestlige media”, Nordlys 9. April 2013

Feature story, Nordlys 9. April 2013: Reindrift på Kola i vestlige media by Elisabeth Scheller, Yulian Konstantinov and Vladislava Vladimirova

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