Recent publications by KURF members

Hays, Jennifer
2011. Educational rights for indigenous communities in Botswana and Namibia. International Journal of Human Rights 2011; Volume 15.(1) pp. 127-153
2011. Introduction to the Special Issue: Indigenous Education in Southern Africa. Research and Action. Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education 2011 (5) pp. 71-75
2011. Indigenous rights in southern Africa: international mechanisms and local contexts.International Journal of Human Rights 2011; Volume 15.(1) pp. 1-10
2011. The Nyae Nyae Village Schools 1994-2010: An Indigenous Mother-Tongue Education Project After 15 Years. Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education 2011 (5) pp. 142-148.

Olsen, Bror
2013. Olsen, B. & Thuen T. Secret places: On the management of knowledge and information about landscape and yields in Northern Norway. Human Ecology,  vol. 41 no. 2:273-283.
2012. Et friminutt fra den menneskelige tilstand. Toft/Honerud: These are the moments I really live for; 2012-03-24 – 2012-04-01
2012. Her e ikke plass. Fritidsfiske, næringsutvikling og trivsel på bygda. In: Bygdeutviklingas paradoks. Scandinavian Academic Press
2011. Kultur som ny næring. I: Hvor går Nord-Norge? Tidsbilder fra en landsdel i forandring. Orkana Forlag 2011. pp. 313-322

Ramstad, Jorun Bræck
2012. Broadcasting indigeneity: Maori Television on ethnic relations. European Society for Oceanists (ESfO) Conference; 2012-12-05 – 2012-12-08
2012. Indigenous media: An anthropological attention to the media world. Antropologisk fagkonferanse; 2012-05-04 – 2012-05-06
2012. Once Were Warriors – a model that matters and a mirror of concernsNordlit 2012 (30) s. 87-109

Saugestad, Sidsel
2012. Regional and indigenous identities in the high north: Enacting social boundaries. Polar Record 2012
2011. Book review: Indigeneity in the Courtroom. Law Culture and the Production of Difference in North American Courts. By Jennifer A. Hamilton. New York:Routledge 2008. Ethnos 2011; Volume 76.(4)
2011. Impact of international mechanisms on indigenous rights in Botswana.International Journal of Human Rights 2011; Volume 15.(1) pp. 37-61
2011. Indigenous Peoples’ Rights. In: International Encyclopedia of Political Science. Sage Publications 2011. pp. 1170-1173
2011. The University of Botswana and the University of Tromsø Collaborative Program: Its Relevance to Minority Education and San Youth Capacity Building. Diaspora, Indigenous and Minority Education 2011 (5) pp. 119-125
2011. Stakes Replacing Rights. New Pathways for Indigenous Peoples in Development Cooperation? Conference Report 2011. University of Tromsø: Centre for Sámi Studies 2011 78 pp.

Vladimirova, Vladislava
2011. “We are Reindeer People, We Come from Reindeer.” Reindeer Herding in Representations of the Sami in Russia.Acta Borealia 2011; Volume 28.(1) pp. 89-113

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