LAVA Lunch Seminar

The LAVA group meets for lunch on Thursdays at 12:00-13:00. In addition to bringing our own lunch (and occasionally waffles or a cake), one of us will contribute a short presentation of ongoing work, or discuss ideas for projects/experiments. The room where the meeting takes place fluctuates, so make sure you check this page regularly!

Schedule spring 2019Yay, waffles! (I mean... yay, linguistics!)

January 10 Room A.3018
Just lunch.

January 17 – Room C.1006
Irina Sekerina (The City University of New York)
Distributional Regularity of Suffixes Facilitates Processing of Gender: Evidence from Closely Related Languages (Russian and Bulgarian).

January 24 – Room A.1018
Lunch + LAVA updates (Marit Westergaard)

January 31  Room A.3019
Sigríður Björnsdóttir (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
The wizard of Icelandic gender assignment: experimental proposal.

February 7 – Room E.1004
Lunch + LAVA issues + FSF exhibition.

February 14 – Room A.3018
Ludovica Serratrice (University of Reading)
Predictors of listening comprehension in children with English as an additional language.

February 21 – Room E.1004
Anders Agebjörn
 (University of Gothenburg)
The form and meaning of definiteness in Belarusian learners of Swedish.

February 28
No meeting. LingPhil PhD course on the Acquisition and processing of grammatical gender.

March 7  Room A.3018
Just lunch.

March 14  Room C.1003
Natalia Kartushina (University of Oslo)
Early language acquisition in Norwegian-learning infants: Insights from Eye-tracking studies.

March 21 –  Room E.0103
Natalia Meir (Bar-Ilan University)
Case marking in Russian as a Heritage Language: evidence from Russian-Hebrew child and adult bilinguals.

March 28  Room E.1004
Nadine Kolb & Isabel Jensen (UiT The Arctic University of Norway)
Multilingualism in Norwegian classrooms (NAFO pre-talk discussion).

April 4
No meeting. UniteGen workshop.

April 9  Room E.0104 (NB! a Tuesday)
Vivienne Rogers (Swansea University)
Testing cognitive individual differences: a practical introduction.

April 18
No meeting (Easter)

April 25  Room E.0103 (NB! Start at 11:30)
Aurora Centres call – Preliminary discussion.

May 2
No meeting (Ionin’s visit cancelled due to SAS strike).

May 9  Room A.3018
Aurora Center Application – Discussion.

May 13  Room E.0105 (NB! a Monday)
Pre-Arctic MSCA seminar (13:00-16:00) – Meet the candidates.

May 23  Room A.3018
Just lunch.

May 30
No meeting (Kristi Himmelfartsdag).

June 6  Room A.3018

June 13  Room A.3018


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