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Research group leaders:

Marit WestergaardMarit

Research interests: First, second/third & bilingual language acquisition, heritage language/language attrition, syntactic variation, diachronic change,com­parative syntax,
word order, nominal structure (grammatical gender, definiteness, possessives), English, Norwegian, Russian, German.

Merete AnderssenMerete

Deputy leader
Research interests: Monolingual and bilingual first language acquisition. The relationship between word order and information structure: subject shift, object shift and dative alternation. DP-structure, especially definiteness marking and possessives.


Fatih Bayram

MSCA Postdoc
Research interests: Simultaneous first language bilingualism; heritage speaker bilingualism; language attrition in bilingualism; acquisition of morphosyntax; roles and weights of linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in development/processing/ultimate attainment variation across bi/multilinguals.

Kristine Bentzenunknown

Research interests: Comparative syntax, dialect syntax, first language
acquisition, bilingualism, Scandinavian languages, Sami,
verb placement, object shift,
scrambling, information structure.

Sigríður Björnsdóttir

PhD student
Research interests: Learnability, acquisition, variation, syntactic theory.

Antonio FábregasAntonio

Research interests: The syntax-morphology interface, morphosyntactic variation, L2 acquisition, multidialectism, Romance, Scandinavian.

Ekaterina ZhakunKate

PhD student
Research interests: Phonology, Optimality Theory, Consonant Clusters, Syllable structure, language acquisition.

Jorge González AlonsoJorge

Research interests: Second and third language acquisition, non-native language
processing, bilingualism, morphology, compound words, (acquisition, representation
and processing of) gender, English, Spanish, Norwegian.

Isabel Nadine JensenIsabel

PhD student
Research interestsSecond and third language acquisition, multilingualism, acquisition of morphosyntax, the Bottleneck Hypothesis.

Rachel KlassenRachel

MSCA Postdoc
Research interests: Second language acquisition, bilingualism, mental lexicon, language processing, grammatical gender, morphosyntax, experimental design, eye-tracking, Spanish, German, French.

Tor-Willy KnudsenTor-Willy


Nadine KolbNadine

Research interests: child second and third language acquisition; heritage language bilingualism; linguistic and extra-linguistic factors in bi/multilingual language development; acquisition at the syntax-semantics interface; multilingual education; immersion education.

Martin KrämerMartin

Research interests: Phonology, Optimality Theory, microvariation

Tanja Kupischtanja_kupisch

Professor II
Research interests: Syntax, Phonology, first, second and third language acquisition,
heritage languages, Romance languages, Germanic languages, Turkish.

Evelina LeivadaEvelina

MSCA Postdoc
Research interests: Language variation, monolingual and bilingual language acquisition, the ‘dialect’ design, atypical development, language and cognition in Specific Language Impairment, autism and schizophrenia spectrum disorders.

Terje LohndalTerje

Professor II
Research interests: syntax, semantics, morphology, interfaces, variation, heritage languages/language attrition, first, second and bilingual language acquisition, English, Norwegian.

Björn LundquistBjorn

Associate professor / Lab manager
Research interests: Syntax-Morphology interface, Syntax-Semantics interface, Lexical categories, Scandinavian micro-variation, Psycho-linguistics, Language acquisition.

Natalia MitrofanovaNatalia

Researcher MiMS
Research interests: language acquisition (first, second, third, bilingual), acquisition of functional categories, the structure of early grammars, syntax and semantics of locative and directional expressions, experimental linguistics, eye-tracking (VWP), Russian, Norwegian, English, German.

Anna Katharina PilsbacherAnna


Yulia Rodinaunknown-2

Research interests: Language acquisition (first, second, third, bilingual), heritage languages, multilingualism and education, multilingual language assessment, Norwegian, Russian, English.

Jason Rothmanjason

Professor II
School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences, Reading
Research interests: First, second, third & bilingual language acquisition, language processing, syntactic transfer, heritage language/language attrition, the language-cognition
interface(s), behavioural and neurolinguistic methodologies (EEG/ERP), formal syntactic
theory, comparative theory, epistemology.

Roumyana SlabakovaRoumyana

Professor II
Research interests: Second, third & multilingual language acquisition; acquisition of functional morphology; acquisition at the syntax-semantics, syntax-discourse, and semantics-pragmatics interfaces; critical periods for acquisition; language processing; heritage language/language attrition; eye tracking; second language acquisition theory and epistemology.

Bror Magnus Strand

PhD student
Research interests: First language acquisition, child language,
morphosyntactic variation, Scandinavian languages, bidialectism, linguistic registers

Olga Urek

Researcher SALT
Research interests: phonology, Optimality Theory, feature geometry, Baltic languages, acquisition, bilingualism

Øystein VangsnesOystein

Research interests: Syntax, dialect studies, Nordic languages, NORMS.

Marta VelnićMarta

Research interests: First Language Acquisition, Double object constructions,
Free word-order, Long and Short adjectives, Definiteness, Animacy, Croatian, Slavic.

Previous members and completed PhDs may be found here


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