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The changing livelihood of the Karamojong People of North-Eastern Uganda and its impact on the survival of their traditional gender roles

Author Ssenkaaba, John Abstract This thesis discuss the changing livelihoods of the Karamojong people of North-Eastern Uganda and how the changes impacts the survival of their traditional gender roles. For various reasons Karimajong people have been historically marginalized and subjugated … Continue reading

Amalia Louisa Rylander

Country: West Africa Year graduated: 2010 Thesis title: The Belizean Garifuna identity : migratory and transnational space and its effects on the home community Thesis

Mantsi Teboho Pitso

Country: South Africa Year graduated: 2009 Thesis title: Stories of origin of the Sotho people of QwaQwa : the construction and maintenance of society through narratives Thesis