Stian-Anfinsen Stian Anfinsen. Stian’s research interests are in machine learning methodology development, where he has had a special focus on analysis of remote sensing images. His main research area has been development of image analysis algorithms based on advanced models for the statistical distribution of pixel values in radar images. Based on these models, he has developed estimators for model parameters and algorithms for target detection, change detection and image clustering. He takes a special interest in applications of the Mellin transform and its link to doubly stochastic product models used in coherent imaging, such as radar and ultrasound images. In a new line of research, he is turning his focus to methodology for analysis of multimodal or heterogeneous data, such as change detection in images with different modality or robust regression with heterogeneous data as input.

Robert Jenssen [Brief CV]. Robert is the head of the UiT Machine Learning Group. He develops novel deep learning methodology and information theoretic and kernel-based machine learning algorithms, focusing on health analytics and on remote sensing applications. Robert is also a Prof II at the Norwegian Computing Center in Oslo. Robert is responsible for UiT’s Machine Learning and Statistics education within the Applied Physics and Mathematics study program. Please see Robert’s official UiT web page or Robert’s somewhat outdated semi-official web page.

Associated Faculty

Fred Fred Godtliebsen. Fred works in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics in the Statistics group, and is in addition an associate member of the Machine Learning Group, especially on health related research from a statistical viewpoint.

Cristina Cristina Soguero Ruiz. Cristina works at the Rey Juan Carlos University, but did her PhD partly in the Machine Learning Group at UiT where she is an associate member and a close long-term collaborator, especially on health related research from a machine learning viewpoint. She received the Telecommunication Engineering degree, the B.Sc. degree in Business Administration and Management, and the M.Sc. degree in Biomedical Engineering from the Rey Juan Carlos University, Madrid, Spain, in 2011 and 2012. She got the PhD in Machine Learning with applications in Healthcare in 2015.  She won the Orange Foundation Best PhD Thesis Award by the Spanish Official College of Telecommunications Engineers.


bianchi Filippo Bianchi. Filippo received the B.Sc. in Computer Engineering (2009), the M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (2012) and the PhD in Machine Learning (2015) from “Sapienza” University, Rome. Filippo worked 2 years as research assistant at the Computer Science department at Ryerson University, Toronto. Filippo’s research interests in machine learning and pattern recognition include graph and sequence matching, clustering, classification, reservoir computing, deep learning and data mining. Filippo is funded by the Norwegian Research Council over FRIPRO project on “Next Generation Learning Machines”. Latest research activities can be found at Filippo’s home page.

jonas Jonas N. Myhre. Jonas works with efficient computations of kernel density derivatives, with density ridge frameworks for manifold unwrapping, and with ensemble-based clustering based on kNN mode seeking. Jonas has had a 6-month stay at the Northeastern University in Boston as a part of his PhD, working closely with Prof. Deniz Erdogmus.

PhD Students

WP_20150914_15_35_05_Pro Karl Øyvind Mikalsen. Karl Øyvind  works on health data analytics in a close collaboration with researchers at the University Hospital of North Norway (UNN), and the Norwegian Center for E-Health Research. The data source is the Department of Gastrointestinal Surgery at UNN with several years of big clinical data related to colon cancer and surgery including free text (nurses notes, surgeon’s report etc), semi-structured text, physiological data, blood tests, etc. The group works for example on prediction of post-operative anastomosis leakage and delirium, to name a few. Prof Fred Godtliebsen and Senior researcher Stein Olav Skrøvseth are co-supervisors.

WP_20150914 Michael Kampffmeyer. Michael works on applications and development of deep learning algorithms in a joint effort with researchers at the Norwegian Computing Center in Oslo, Norway. Michael studies issues related to transfer learning, the handling of different image resolutions and multi-modality. He is also interested in the combination of CNNs and unsupervised learning. Senior researcher Arnt-Børre Salberg at the Norwegian Computing Center is co-supervisor. Michael is funded by the Norwegian Research Council over FRIPRO project on “Next Generation Learning Machines”. Please visit Michael’s home page.

sigurd Sigurd Løkse. Sigurd works on robust kernel and information theoretic methods exploiting for example probabilistic cluster kernels as weak learners to build powerful similarity measures for ranking and spectral clustering. Sigurd works on aspects related to ensemble clustering, spectral clustering, Markov chains, and new approaches to missing data problems.

Rogelio Rogelio Andrade Mancisidor. Rogelio is an industrial PhD student financed by Santander Consumer Bank and the Research Council of Norway. The focus of Rogelio’s research is on applications of different Machine Learning techniques in the field of Credit Risk Modeling using Santander Bank’s data.  Credit Risk arises with the uncertainty of whether a client will pay back a granted loan. Machine Learning has shown to outperform traditional classification techniques in this field.

luigi Luigi Luppino. Luigi’s research is related to pattern recognition and machine learning applied to Earth observation and satellite remote sensing. In particular, he is focusing on change detection based on heterogeneous satellite images. A collaboration with Telecom Bretagne (France) and University of Genoa (Italy) is planned to be part of his PhD studies.

 Nhan Van Nguyen. Nhan is an industrial PhD student financed by the company eSmart Systems and the Research Council of Norway. He is working within eSmart System’s “connected drone” project, and will focus on developing image and video based automated analysis of power grids using deep learning techniques.              


  Sara Bjørk. Sara works on developing novel machine learning methodology for domain adaptation and change detection in remote sensing image analysis.

 Thomas Johansen. Thomas works on multispectral imaging for melanoma detection and characterization.

 Samuel Kuttner. Samuel works on the project “advancing diagnosis and treatment for lung cancer patients using hybrid PET/MR imaging and novel visualization tools”. This is a collaboration between the PET-center in Tromsø, the Department of Clinical Medicine at UiT, and the Machine Learning Group.

 Miguel Hernandez. Miguel works on reinforcement learning for developing diabetes smart controllers. The project is in collaboration with the Norwegian Center for e-Health Research.

External Collaborators

 Lorenzo Livi. Lorenzo is a Lecturer of Data Analytics with the Department of Computer Science, University of Exeter. His current research interests include computational intelligence
methods, time-series analysis and complex dynamical systems, with focused applications in computational biochemistry and biophysics.

 Arnt-Børre Salberg. Arnt-Børre is a senior researcher at Norwegian Computing Center, Oslo, in Department of SAMBA. His research interests include computer vision and deep learning, applied to earth observation and remote sensing.

Master students

Several master students are affiliated with the group:

Tobias F. Olsen. Tobias is interested in Bayesian learning, including Dirichlet processes for clustering.

Past Visitors

Lorenzo Livi (visiting professor, University of Exeter, UK)

Eric Antonelo (visiting postdoc, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil)

Raul Santos-Rodriguez (visiting professor, University of Bristol)

Inma Mora-Jimenez (visiting professor, U Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid)

Cristina Soguero Ruiz (PhD, U Rey Juan Carlos)

Emma Izquierdo Verdiguier (PhD, U Valencia)

Marius Kloft (PhD, TU Berlin)

Aleksey Tyulpin (MSc, Northern Federal U, Arkhangelsk)

Recent MSc Students

Listing 1st employment when known.

Tobias F. Olsen (Data Scientist at Skye Solutions)

Torgeir Brenn

Sara Bjørk (now PhD student in the group).

Thomas Johansen (now PhD student in the group).

Stian Sjøli (PhD student at UiO)

Morten Grønnesby (PhD student, Dept. Computer Science, UiT)

Michael Kampffmeyer (now PhD student in our group)

Sigurd Løkse (now PhD student in our group)

Sigurd Kulseng

Katalin Blix (PhD student, earth observation, UiT)

Ove Kåven

Vidar Vikjord (Microsoft Development Center, Norway)

Jørgen A. Agersborg (at Norwegian Research Defense Establishment, now PhD student in our group)

Jonas N. Myhre (PhD student in our group, now postdoc)

Ola Storås (Fugro Oceanor)






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