UiT Machine Learning Group is responsible for teaching Fys-3012 Pattern Recognition.

We will teach our new course Fys-2020 Machine Learning for the first time fall 2018.

We are developing two additional new courses in machine learning, namely our new Deep Learning course (building on several years of specialised PhD course, see below), and our new Health Analytics course.

We also regularly organizes specialized PhD courses, most often in the form of reading groups, typically for 10 ECTS. Recent examples

  • Deep learning [spring 2018, spring 2017, fall 2015]
    • Convolutional neural networks
    • Restricted Boltzmann machines
    • Denoising autoencoders
    • Recurrent neural networks
  • Deeper learning [fall 2017]
    • GANs
    • Topological data analysis
  • Bayesian learning: Dirichlet processes [spring 2016]
  • Random forests [spring 2015]
    • Based on Microsoft Technical Report TR-2011-114 A. Criminisi, J. Shotton, A. Konukoglu.
  • Gaussian Processes [fall 2014]
    • Based on C. E. Rasmussen, C. Williams, Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning.

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