Fall 2009: University of Montana

The 2nd project seminar/conference took place in Missoula in September 2009 (21. – 26. September). 4 researchers from different disciplines at UiT took part in the seminar and gave presentations of their research. The title of the seminar was “Indigenous Studies. Intersecting Global Interests”.

The researchers from UiT met and worked with their UMT colleagues with whom they are going to write joint articles for the refereed anthology that will be one concrete outome on curriculum development of the collaboartive project.

A film-crew (a student at the Visual Cultural Studies master programme at UiT and a film-supervisor) also attended the seminar and worked with the pilot during the visit. A member of the administrative staff at UiT was part of the visiting group and had meetings with the International Office at UMT and prospective students interested in studies in Tromsø.

The Science week took place in Minneapolis 28. – 30. September 2009. Since this was scheduled connecting to our project meeting in Missoula, the collaborative project was represented there with a poster presentation.