Welcome to the 10th Munin Conference

The Munin Conference is an annual conference on scholarly publishing and communication, primarily revolving around open access, open data and open science. This year’s conference is the tenth Munin Conference and will be held 30 November-1 December 2015 at the University of Tromsø – The Arctic University of Norway.


September 23
– The conference program is published. This is an early and not necessarily the final version of the program.

September 15 – Short program info: Opening of the conference is scheduled to start at 10:45 on 30 November and the Munin Conference will end at approximately 15:30 on 1 December. We expect a complete program will be published within week 39.

July 28Extention of submission deadline. We have decided to extend our deadline for submitting abstracts to the 10th Munin Conference to August 23, to allow for summer holidays among prospective speakers. We still plan to decide before the end of August and report back our decisions in the first days of September.

June 18Registration for the conference is now open. Go to registration

March 24 – We are proud to announce a complete list of invited speakers to the 10th Munin Conference, and are really looking forward to listen to Stuart Shieber, Sabine Hossenfelder, Peter Suber and Randy Schekman. We guess you will like to join us?


Northern Lights over Tromsø

Photo: Tor Even Mathisen – CC-by-nc-sa

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