Our keynote speakers this year are:

Sarah de Rijcke, Leiden University.

Towards best practices for authorship and research evaluation: Effects of performance metrics and the Leiden Manifesto

Sarah de Rijcke is associate professor and deputy director at the Centre for Science and Technology Studies, Leiden University. In Leiden, she leads a research group that analyses academic evaluation processes, changing research cultures, knowledge infrastructures, and roles of research in and for society. Sarah is fellow at the TUM-Institute for Advanced Study, and a member of the Young Academy of Europe. www.ses-leidenuniv.com | www.sarahderijcke.nl

Sarah de Rijcke - keynote speaker Muninconf 2017. Foto: Andreas Heddergott

Foto: Andreas Heddergott

Martin Paul Eve, University of London and the Open Library of Humanities.

A Matter of Distribution: APC Logic against Consortial Funding Mechanisms

Martin Paul Eve, Professor of Literature, Technology and Publishing at Birkbeck, University of London. He has been heavily involved in UK policy efforts around open access for the past few years and he co-founded and runs the Open Library of Humanities.

Martin Eve - keynote speaker Muninconf 2017
Timothy Gowers, University of Cambridge.

Perverse incentives: how the reward structures of academia impede scholarly communication and good science

Timothy Gowers is currently a Royal Society Research Professor and also holder of the Rouse Ball Chair in Mathematics. In 1998 he was awarded a Fields Medal, and in 2012 he was knighted for services to mathematics. In addition to his research, he has a keen interest in open science, especially as applied to mathematics, organizing a large-scale open online collaboration that quickly led to the solution of a significant open problem. In recent years he has campaigned for the scientific literature to become more open and for the cost of journals to reflect the greatly reduced cost of disseminating information in the internet age. As part of that effort, he was a founding editor of Discrete Analysis, an arXiv overlay journal with running costs that are a tiny fraction of those of a typical traditional journal.

Tim Gowers - keynote speaker Muninconf 2017


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