The Nansen LEGACY project evaluated

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The Nansen LEGACY cover

An eval­u­a­tion pan­el iden­ti­fied by the Nation­al Acad­e­my of Sci­ences, USA, has pro­vid­ed an exter­nal eval­u­a­tion of The Nansen LEGACY sci­en­tif­ic pro­pos­al.

Their over­all con­clu­sion was  “The over­all research prospec­tus is com­pre­hen­sive and time­ly, indeed urgent, giv­en the chang­ing seascape of the Bar­ents Sea and the entire Arc­tic ecosys­tem. The plan of action and man­age­ment is sound and the leader, co-lead­ers, and sci­en­tif­ic staff are out­stand­ing. The Eval­u­a­tion Com­mit­tee unan­i­mous­ly endors­es the Nansen LEGACY Project.”

The project has thus proved to have a high sci­en­tif­ic qual­i­ty, and the work on the finan­cial plan is pro­gress­ing.