Kronprins Haakon -a new Norwegian ice-breaker

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Illustrasjon: Rolls Royce Marine (RRM)
Illustration: Rolls Royce Marine

A core facility for The Nansen LEGACY project, the new Norwegian ice-going vessel Kronprins Haakon, is at present being equipped with winches and instrumentation in Italy, and Øystein Mikelborg, responsible for the building process at NPI and co-lead on the Nansen LEGACY infrastructure work package, informed on the status and capabilities of the ship during the implementation workshop. The ship will be equipped with moon pool and helicopter platform, have berth capacity for ~35 scientists, and strength to break 1.5 m thick ice. The ship is expected to be finished late autumn 2017. The Nansen LEGACY will be a perfect project for the research vessel, utilizing its size, ice-going capabilities, and abilities to carry out interdisciplinary research including oceanography, atmosphere research, marine ecology and geology as well as fisheries.


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Implementation workshop

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LEGACY Implementation workshop in Tromsø, August 2016


The Nansen LEGACY implementation plan is in progress. This week, work package leaders and co-leaders met for a two-day workshop in Tromsø 17-18 August, 2016. Discussions on specified work plans and cross-work package integration, was a major focus of the workshop to ensure optimal use of resources, including models, technology and research vessels. An update of the status of the new ice going vessel Kronprins Haakon was also given. The ship is being built in Italy, and represents a core facility for the planned project.