Funding from the Ministry of Science and Education

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The Nansen LEGACY receives a fund­ing from the Min­istry of Sci­ence and Edu­ca­tion of 10 mill NOK on the State bud­get for 2017, to ini­ti­ate and pre­pare for a project start in 2018. Prepa­ra­tions will include both an update and revi­sion of the project pro­pos­al, devel­op­ment of a syn­the­sis paper, prepa­ra­tion of data man­age­ment guide­lines, and prac­ti­cal prepa­ra­tion to make sure the nec­es­sary instru­ments will be in place for the first planned cruise with the new ice going ves­sel Kro­n­prins Haakon in 2018. After a long prepara­to­ry phase start­ing in 2011, this ini­tia­tive is now ready to be real­ized.