Illustration: Reigstad/Caeyers, UoT
(Illustration: Reigstad/Caeyers, UoT)


The Nansen LEGACY research focus explores the living Barents Sea with its complex communities and interactions evolving from natural forcing and human impacts – past, present and future. The sustainable management of the region and resources resides with our capacity for assessing the future. Research activities includes five years intensive field work using the ice-going vessel Kronprins Haakon, development of technology for future Arctic observation systems, data management, and the cross-project effort to move Arctic predictive capabilities beyond state-of-the-art and disciplinary boundaries by combining empirical evidence and dedicated model systems.

LEGACY will pursue its vision by addressing the following overarching objectives:

1. Improve the scientific basis for sustainable management of natural resources beyond the present ice edge

2. Characterize the main human and natural influences on the changing Barents Sea ecosystems and their response – past, present, and future

3. Resolve the mechanisms governing the Barents Sea ice cover and climatic state, including predictive capability

4. Optimize use of emerging technologies, logistic capabilities, research recruitment and stakeholder interaction to explore and manage the emerging Arctic