The Nordic Consortium for CO2 Conversion (NordCO2) is a network for Nordic researchers working on chemical CO2 conversion in the Nordic countries. In December 2017 NordForsk granted the center funding through the Nordic University Hub call. The consortium unites 9 universities from 5 Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland). The participating universities are: UiT- The Arctic University of Norway, University of Oslo, University of Bergen, Stockholm University, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Uppsala University, Aarhus University, University of Iceland and Helsinki University. At these institutions, 12 research groups participate in the consortium.

NordCO2 will promote knowledge exchange, initiate novel scientific collaborations, jointly train Nordic students and organize outreach activities. The work of the consortium is divided into 4 work packages: Research, Training, Outreach and Dissemination and Innovation.

Project leader:
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Postal address:
Dr. Kathrin H. Hopmann
Department of Chemistry
University of Tromsø N-9037