16-20th of June 2019

NordCO2 orgainzes a  parallell scientific track on CO2 conversion at the EuCOMC 2019 in Helsinki, Finland. The NordCO2 member Timo Repo is co-organizer of EuCOMC 2019. The parallel track is planned for October 17th and will include 3 outstanding plenary speakers, 3 keynote speakers and 6 contributed talk on use of CO2 in chemical synthesis.


12-16th of August 2019

Summerschool in Reykjavik on Iceland on ‘Energy carriers from CO2‘ (for example formation of methanol or CO from CO2). The tentative dates are August 12-16th. The Summer school will be open for students outside NordCO2, provided they have own financing for their trip and accomodation.


Week 40

NordCO2 PI Sascha Ott is involved in an ITN Network called: “European School on Artificial Leaf:Electrodes Devices”. This ITN will organize a 3-day workshop on “Bioinspired Catalysis” in week 40. The workshop includes reduction of CO2. The workshop is open for NordCO2 partners and students. The NordCO2 PIs and students can attend the workshop and have travel and accommodation covered.


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