Nordic Exchange Blog

One of the pillars of NordCO2 is the exchange of students and researchers between the different research groups through a Nordic Exchange Program (NEP), where all groups send and host students from the consortium. The research visits are minimum 2 weeks and can last several months. Below are some impressions from some of the exchange stays

Aleksi Sahari (2018)

Ljiljana Pavlovic (2018)

Emi Lagerspets (2018)

Aya Ismael (2018-2019)

Xiaoyu Chen (2019)

Diego Lopez (2019)

Torstein Fjermestad (2019)

Jere Mannisto (2019)

Juan de Gracia (2019)

Oliver Raae Gedde (2019)

Kristina Sorochkina (2019)