Midnightsun Marathon

Tomorrow the 25th Midnightsun Marathon will take place. The forecast is perfect for norwegians and british runners: not sunny at all, high humidity and moderate temperatures, might even be below 10 degrees!

Still, whether you run the 21km or the 42 km the scenery will be awesome – and running near midnight in daylight is an experience in itself..  We look forward to your visit of Tromsø and Northern Norway.

We hope  you find time to tell us about your experiences.

The survey can be found here:


We will also interview at Onroadfinnmark, a cycle race starting in Alta and cycling around the beautiful Finnmark, read more about this race at offroadfinnmark.com

In August Tromsø hosts the Chess Olympiad and the final stage of the Arctic Race.TromsøEies av Universitetet i Tromsø

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