local food and mountainbiking in Skaidi

How do you attract people to come to Skaidi?

Skaidi? Where or what is that – you may ask.

For the third year a group of comitted bike enthusiasts arrange a unique event – local traditional seasonal food experience combined with a bike race, sightseeing and social happenings. This is Skaidi extreme.

Success? Yes, as far as from Southafrica folk travel to Northern Norway to experience this combination of food and biking.

So we look forward to interview them and find out more about their motivation to visit beautiful Northern Norway … starting to show autumn colors.

Are you also right now visiting Northern Norway: please tell us what your reason is to visit Northern Norway (survey takes approximately 5min):


You have visited Northern Norway or tok part in Skaidi extreme last year? – your impressions are also very informative – please take these short (approximately 5min) survey:


It is completely anonymous, at the end you can enter your email address if you want to be i nthe draw of amazon vouchers. Thanks for your contribution.

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