Experiences in Northern Norway

This research project is about how Northern Norway is experienced by tourists participating in or spectate specific events such as festivals and sporting events.

The project is a part of Northern InSights, a collaborative programme which aim to carry out high quality research into (1) service innovation in experience-based tourism and (2) co-creation of values for companies, consumers and the tourism and experience industries in Northern Norway.

A research group in the institute of psychology at UiT The Arctic University of Norway is researching cognitive aspects of experiences in the high north. We want to conduct a study on experiences and interest for events taking place in Northern Norway. This project will use different surveys to measure experiences and interest as well as a follow-up study to examine interest over time.

Means of the project

This project is conducted using questionnaires and interviews. You may be asked to complete one or more studies, participation is voluntarily. The questionnaire is filled out by checking the appropriate reply and open ended questions where needed. The questionnaire measures the qualitative experience of particiapting in or specate certain events and your interest in relation to the landscape, nature, culture and people of Northern Norway.

Results and participation

The results from the questionnaire will only be used as described in the purpose of this study. You will not be asked to give any personal information about yourself and data collected will be used without any connection to you. It will not be possible to identify you out of this study.

Participation is voluntarily. You can choose to drop out of the study at any time, and you do not have to give any reason for doing so.